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It’s 4 degrees out!!

Every day, every person I speak with, every news report, every paper and every magazine has something to say about the economy and the current state of affairs.  I love it. I love hearing different opinions of where things went wrong, how they’re going to get better and when all this doom and gloom will go away and we’ll be back to ‘normal’.   

I think you know as well as I do that the economic challenges that we’re faced with right now will not last forever, but I certainly don’t have the answer for when we can stop talking about pinching pennies, layoffs, and the declining housing market.  All I know is that I can come to work everyday and do my best to assist my clients in accomplishing their goals and in turn accomplish the ones I set for myself.  I know when I go home at night I have a loving family that supports what I do and believes that our community, our state, our country will persevere.  Optimism is catchy.

So I’m making it a goal to be optimistic about our future.  Not unrealistic, but optimistic.  I am going to be deliberate in my efforts and diligent in my work.  I want to make my clients and customers happy so they tell their friends and neighbors to do business with us.  I am going to continue my work as a volunteer in our community because the kids and the elderly and the less fortunate still need us. 

I’m encouraged…it’s 4 degrees out and people are walking downtown, peering in our windows and looking at the houses for sale.  They’re at the Vermont Book Shop and the Alpine Shop and Sweet Cecily and all the other downtown stores supporting our community and the people that live and work here. It’s 4 degrees out, but it’s a beautiful day!


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